The importance of dance, movement and connecting during and after Covid

importance of dance
  1. It will be a year we remember for a long time. But not for the excitement of dance classes, dance comps or concerts. Unfortunately thanks to Covid-19, like most things, our dance year has been disrupted.

Kids who are normally active throughout the year in dance classes have been isolated for most of the year and physical activity has declined and motivation waned. All important social connections have been lost and kids and parents are trying to adjust to life in isolation without dance.

But not all is lost. It’s important to keep your child engaged and motivated, and help them realise that just because there may not be physical dance classes to attend right now, they can still enjoy the benefits of dance at home.

So what can you do to ensure your child is still getting the enjoyment from dance while in lock down?

Here’s a few suggestions:

Make space

Allow your child an area of the house where they can make space to dance to their favourite music. Move the couch, push the bed against the wall, or with the weather improving, encourage them to get outside and reconnect with their favourite dance style.

Whether it’s hip hop dance, ballet, tap, or jazz, switch their favourite music on and let them express themselves through dance. Focus on the joy of movement and their love of dance and just getting up and being active!

Connection is vital

Many kids love dance lessons as much for the social connection as for the actual dancing. Encourage your child to keep connected with their local dance studio and their dance friends. Fortunately in this day and age this is possible through age-appropriate and supervised social media, and technology such as face-time and zoom.

Virtual dance classes

Like many dance studios we at Pulsate Dance Force Wangaratta have been forced to think  outside the square for dance lessons this year. We have been able to keep our students moving, learning, and connected with their friends through our online platform. We have had so much fun creating these virtual experiences for the children and love seeing how much they are enjoying dance at home in their own living rooms.

And while it will never replace the fun and personal connection of face-to-face learning, it is still a fantastic way to keep your child active and engaged while waiting for classes to return.

Reconnecting with dance in a Covid-normal world

Just like us, your child will be keen to return to dance when restrictions are lifted. At Pulsate Dance Force we are excited to welcome your kids back to a safe and inviting space. And while the kids will be eager to pull on their dance shoes, parents may be a little apprehensive. While it’s a challenge, we will be implementing Covid-safe protocols to keep your children safe while still being able to enjoy dance classes in Wangaratta as close to normal as possible.

Here are 3 important reasons to get your kids back to dance after Covid:

  1. Keep them Active

Hopefully your kids have been able to keep active during restrictions as suggested above, but nothing replaces face-to-face, structured dance lessons. Whether it’s high energy hip hop classes, tap classes, classical ballet, or fun easy dance moves for pre-schoolers, boosting your child’s active minutes will re-energise them, and help them to realise their love of dance once again.

  1. Re-Connection

Nothing beats contact and interaction with our friends and dance family. We know we as teachers have missed it and can’t wait to see your children again. This face-to-face social connection is what makes dance classes more than just about dance. It’s about building lifelong friendships, fostering confidence, and sharing the love of movement and dance. It’s about sharing a dance experience that is fun, engaging, and rewarding for everyone involved and making everyone feel part of the Pulsate Dance Force family.

  1. Time to breathe

It’s not all about the kids and teachers though! For you as parents and carers, your child returning to dance offers you an hour (or more!) of space and time to breathe. As much as we love our kids, it’s also important to have time out away from them – especially when we’ve been locked down under one roof for so long! So, while your child is at dance, give yourself permission to sit in the sunshine and enjoy a cuppa in peace and quiet. Or even just a few minutes before and after class to reconnect with other ‘dance mums and dads’  -socially distanced of course – and catch up.

At Pulsate Dance Force, we can’t wait to have your children back to dance very soon!

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