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Almighty Force Team

Get ready to move to the beat!

In 2019 Miss Katrina Established Pulsate’s first ever hand picked hip hop team ‘ALMIGHTY’.

This exclusive program designed by Miss Katrina aims to expand each student’s
knowledge through a variety of diverse learning techniques specific to Hip Hop.

With a dream of having an intimate team and a safe space to grow, the team’s achievements have been far beyond our initial vision.

Students learn not only choreography but go into profound detail surrounding the foundations and culture of hip hop. The Almighty’s training is vastly different to standard Hip Hop lessons as it is catered at an elite level and expectations are high.

In this program, each child receives personalised guidance and works towards a better understanding of how to use their bodies to evolve their movement quality and how it is all transferable to other styles.

In the future, we will be opening auditions up to all our Hip Hop pulsations and endeavour to expand our Almighty team.


In January 2020, the Almighty team competed in the “Follow Your Dreams” National championship, winning the national title in their age division as well as the overall Junior national troupe championship.