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Why Join Pulsate Dance Force?

Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, Pulsate Dance Force has a program for you. Here are six reasons why you should book in your first lesson with us today…

Learn to dance

Build your skills in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment.

Regular Performances

Your child will have ample opportunities to  show what they can do on stage.

Family friendly and social

The world of dance offers the opportunity to build lifelong friendships.

Great for kids

Children who learn to dance build self-confidence while learning discipline and other life skills.

Get fit

Dance is a wonderful way to get fit without even realising you are working out!

Build technique

Have you ever wished you could master the moves you’ve seen on TV? Enrolling in lessons will help boost your skills.

Client Testimonial


All of my 3 children have danced at Pulsate and have enjoyed being part of the larger Pulsate Family from Kinder, Primary & through to Secondary age and beyond.  It has given them the opportunity to learn new skills and then also perform in both solo’s and competition troupes on stage. Recently my youngest 15yo daughter Georgina has had the opportunity to perform in Legally Blonde Junior Production down in Melbourne – this would not have been possible without all the training and hard work put in by the Pulsate Teachers over the years helping her to reach her full dance potential. Georgina is doing Dance Step junior teacher training and loves helping younger children have fun learning dance.  

I go along to Adult Tap and Ballet Classes.  Our whole family love Pulsate

Lia Little


7 years ago, we decided to take our eldest daughter to try ballet to see if it would help strengthen her leg muscles (her leg turned inwards) and it was the best decision we made! Not only did it help but it transformed our daughter’s life and also that of our youngest daughter who got to learn dance from a young age. My girls have developed not only their dance skills, but they have also gained and learnt the concept of team work, commitment, encouragement, respect, confidence and much more. My girls are Pulsations through and through and I have every faith in the teacher’s capability in not only dance but in moulding and empowering our children. The teachers are looked up to and provide guidance to our children and I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. 

Amber Kiker


Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a class for you. Get started with your trial lessons today using our Love it or it’s free guarantee.