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questions to ask your dance studio

Important things to ask to help you settle into your new dance studio!

Just like enrolling in school, If you’re trying dance for the very first time it’s important that you find a dance studio that can cater to your individual wants and needs. We are able to offer a program for every dancer of any skill set. Whether you’re here to have fun with friends or take your training to an elite level, we have got you covered! We also offer recreational classes in more than 8 styles so you have plenty of style options to choose from. Dance competition teams and RAD exam classes are also on offer so there’s bound to be the perfect class for you!

1. Is my first class free?

Every dance studio will have a different system but it is important that you ask! We run our trial program in a way that benefits the student most. We run a ‘love it or it’s free guarantee’ meaning that your child is welcome to trial any class. We offer Pre-School, adult, dance competition teams & beginner dance classes at our Wangaratta dance studio. If they choose not to continue with the class there is no charge.*subject to availability*

2. What requirements are there for my classes?

Each dance studio and style of dance has different uniform or dance shoe requirements. We try to keep our classwear requirements nice and simple to keep it as cost effective as possible for families.

3. What are your class fees and how can I pay?

All fees are outlined on our fee structure and within our info pack email that you receive upon enrolment. Our fee structure keeps in mind your family and encourages the student to enrol in more classes. The more classes you enrol in, the more cost effective it becomes whether it is a beginner dance class or adult dance class. All fees are deducted at the beginning of each Term via EziDebit.

4. Are your dance instructors industry trained and certified?

The best part about our studio is that we have a range of teachers that have a wide variety of industry knowledge and experience. This means no matter the class or style you decide to enrol into, you can be assured that your teacher is certified and experienced to be able to pass on the most up to date industry training and trends to your aspiring dancer.

5. When are the concerts for this dance studio?

It is really important that you check any important dates when you sign up to a dance studio to make sure you can be available for the most exciting events of the year! We send out an information package via email that’ll tell you all of the key dates and important notes as well as a fortnightly newsletter to keep you up to date with all the exciting achievements and upcoming events/information required.

We hope this dance blog has given you a better understanding of our dance studio!

For more information about our dance classes Wangaratta follow the links to book a trial.

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