Dance Styles

At Pulsate Dance Force we have a great variety of dance styles to suit all interests.


Funky tots is a jazz/hip hop based dance, suitable for children aged 3-5 years. Basic dance techniques are incorporated while building strength, co-ordination, and developing gross and fine motor skills. The main emphasis is on fun to inspire a love of dance.

Funky Tots is a great introduction to dance with a fun, upbeat environment that also provides them with fundamental knowledge and skills for further training in dance.

The perfect class for kids who love to dance around the house!



Tiny Tots is our ballet based dance class for children aged 2.5 to 5 years.

The class incorporates the fundamentals of traditional ballet training with fun and expressive movements, all within a nurturing environment.

Fantastic for learning the foundations of discipline, co-ordination, and developing gross and fine motor skills.

Ideal for children who like to dress up like fairies, ballerinas, and princesses!



We are RAD – Royal Academy of Dance – accredited and certified.  RAD is the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet education.

We provide structured ballet classes for a wide range of ages and abilities starting from 3 years old.

Classes are aimed at developing student’s fundamental ballet techniques whilst having fun and igniting a passion for dance. Apart from learning classical ballet technique, students will also grow and improve their strength, flexibility, agility, co-ordination, and poise.

We also offer RAD exams for interested students.


JAZZ  3yrs +

Also known as modern dance or jazz ballet, our jazz classes are based on techniques and choreography used in musical theatre, commercials, and contemporary music video clips.

Jazz ranges in styles from Broadway jazz, commercial jazz and traditional, whilst also drawing on strong technique from classical ballet. Students will work on stretching, flexibility, leaps, kicks, turns, jumps, footwork and combinations.

Our jazz classes are fun, upbeat and full of energy. Fantastic for improving fitness, strength, co-ordination and flexibility.


HIP HOP 3yrs+

Hip Hop is one of the most popular dance styles that has made its way into studios through over fifty years of evolution.

A popular style seen in video clips, and used by urban street dancers, Hip Hop has many different styles including : old school, funk, breaking, popping, locking , whacking, tutting, krump, and house.

Students will learn isolations and intricate movements of the body, all within a high energy, funky environment.

Great for fun and fitness!


TAP 6yrs +

We bring traditional tap (think Fred Astaire) into the modern era (think Tap Dogs), to bring a funky blend of street tap to our students.

Using funky modern age music, our tap classes are great for rhythm, timing, co-ordination and best of all are full of high energy fun!



All our teachers are qualified and certified in the acrobatic arts ensuring your child learns correct technique within a safe environment.

We follow the acrobatics arts syllabus – a 12 level program with a world wide standard -incorporating a focus on strength, flexibility, balance, tumbling, and cardio.

Students are assessed individually and lessons tailored to suit each student’s personal ability. Students will learn a variety of acro moves including: handstands, cartwheels, aerials, headstands, bridges and more.

Our prime focus is on safe dance practice while still having fun learning and enjoying the thrill of acro.



Contemporary is a dance style based on a combination of techniques from both ballet and jazz.

Students will learn body movements using rising, falling, catching, and floor work. Improvisation and open ended imaginative movements are encouraged.

Contemporary is based on both traditional and new creative movements with abstract themes and styles.

Fantastic to encourage freedom of expression and a love of movement.



Lyrical movements are drawn closely from traditional ballet but with a focus on looser, less restrictive movements whilst infusing ballet and contemporary techniques.

Dances are performed to music with lyrics, with the choreography often mirroring the lyrics inspiring movements with strong emotion and expression.



Pulsate also offers private tuition lessons for class-work or competition solos. If students / parents express interest in private lessons, you are advised to notify us & discuss a suitable time. There are only limited times available so please provide the teacher with plenty of notice. All Private tuition fees are Pay-As-You-Go.