Competition Classes & Troupes

At Pulsate we endeavour to provide our students with a professional and high standard of training for those wanting to be challenged and take their dancing to the next level.

Our competition teams require a higher level of commitment to dance than regular dance classes, with dedication and motivation a key competition team element. They are a great way for students to hone in on their talents and be nurtured in a supportive team environment.

Competition classes involves two hours of combined jazz technique and comp class each week, and students are also required to partake in one ballet class per week. At a minimum, we suggest that students have been involved in dance and ballet for at least 12 months prior to joining a competition team.

During comp classes, students will learn routines that will be performed at competitions and will be taught by a variety of teachers including guest teachers. Students will have the chance to work with an amazing calibre of teachers providing them with wide exposure to different teaching techniques and styles.

Our competition troupes are usually involved in three competitions per year which include local and regional events.


Private Lessons

Pulsate also offers private tuition lessons for class-work or competition solos. If students/parents express interest in private lessons, you are advised to notify us & discuss a suitable time. There are only limited times available so please provide the teacher with plenty of notice. All Private tuition fees are Pay-As-You-Go.


If you are interested in your child joining one of our competition teams or private tuition lessons, please contact Miss Sam.